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If you believe the television commercials, everything is very simple: erection problems? Get generic ED pill - and no problem! Next frame - a happy woman's face on a strong man's shoulder. A happy ending. End of movie. Naturally, in real life is not so rosy. The ads never show that painful frustration and stress, which is undergoing a woman, if a partner has erectile dysfunction (ie impotence).

Women often hide their true feelings and suffering his unpleasant situation, although it does not show it - or they blame themselves, suspecting the cause of sexual disorder in their behavior, or believe that she lost appeal in the eyes of a partner. "It's my fault!" - This is the first thought that goes through the excited minds of women when her partner can not achieve an erection when getting ed generic pill. And yet, this assumption has nothing to do with the truth!

The term erectile dysfunction medicine used to refer to the inability to achieve an erection or to maintain this state during the entire sexual act (without generic ed drugs). Virtually all men sooner or later, at least once in his life faced with a similar problem. Erectile dysfunction can be caused by stress, depression, and sometimes it can be altogether unreasonable not to buy generic ed pills. In some men, erectile problems are permanent. In this case, and diagnose impotence and start ed treatment.

Although many women - like men - are still considered solely sexual impotency problem, in fact, the most common causes of this phenomenon - undetected physical illnesses, particularly diabetes, high cholesterol, or even early stage heart disease. Often, impotence is a consequence or side effect of taking certain drugs that are used in the treatment of these diseases, in particular, certain drugs for hypertension.

Unfortunately, ignorance about the real causes of male impotence often makes women feel guilty, but also causes confusion, panic, and sometimes even frustration and anger. The answer is cheap ed pill.

As a rule, faced with a male impotence, women feel humiliated and insulted, and asked many questions partner. So, a woman may suspect that her lover's mistress appeared, or that he has lost her sexual interest, and only worsens the already unenviable position of male slur. In this situation, the man often interprets it matters - and insulting tone in which they are given - as an attack and inadvertently removed.

Ultimately, this misunderstanding can escalate into real conflict, and a couple of full stops communicating - and not just in bed. Naturally, this will hardly help solve the problem of impotence and can lead to a crisis of relations.

The only thing that should never make a woman in such delicate circumstances, to remain silent and pretend as if nothing had happened. Concealment issues - a sure way to destroy relationships. Removal of one partner is the alienation of another, which can lead to catastrophic consequences - first couple of stops to talk about sex, then stop talking altogether and unwittingly trapped in their own care or delicacy.

If a suspension and silence - a tactic useless, then the excessive persistence is unlikely to give the desired result using new ed drugs. No need to go to extremes. While many women are fleeing the sinking ship, while others take the opposite tactic and try to take the helm in his hands. They believe that everything can be corrected once they make a little more effort to excite the partner. This tactic is not only ineffective but also harmful, because it may worsen the situation.

So what does a woman do if a man can not meet its expectations? According to experts, the most important - to remember that male impotence is not related to a woman. And in any case should not be attributed masculine "puncture" on your account!

Do not feel rejected and betrayed. The point here is totally into you. Having overcome this psychological barrier, recognized the problem and openly discuss ed products with your partner.

"It is best to discuss sexual problems outside the bedroom - not right after the failed attempt to rendezvous, and a few days or even weeks later", - advises MD Jennifer Downey, a psychiatrist at New York State Psychiatric Institute (New York State Psychiatric Institute) and professor at the University Colombia (Columbia University). Downey also encourages women to talk to your partner about the possible diseases that can cause impotence, and gently suggest to him to see a doctor.

According to Downey, the more serious the woman will come to this conversation, the greater her chance to influence the man and get his confidence.

"The problem of impotence should be worn like any other relationship problems, ie calmly and openly discuss it, "- said Downey.

Depending on the cause of male impotence treatment can be rapid (eg, intake of Viagra) or long (eg, treatment of hypertension). Not be ruled out that a lot of time will have to spend only to persuade the man to see a doctor.

Importantly - in any case do not tell the man that his impotence to you does not matter, and you "love him and so."

Instead, experts recommend using the opportunity for sexual experimentation and search for means of maintaining proximity, even if an erection is not yet possible.

Many women have become accustomed to the initiator of sexual intimacy is a man. Perhaps it is time to reverse roles?

So, in no case do not stop emotional communication with a partner, even if you have time to stop the sexual relationship. And most importantly - try certain ed remedy.

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